From World’s Best Bars

This has to be one of the most chilled spots in Glasgow. Blue Dog really works its laid-back jazz bar vibe, with cosy brown furnishings, 1970s-style wallpaper and a piano tucked into the corner – this is not just for show either, in fact it gets a good work-out most nights. That’s what’s so nice about this place: it has that rare combination of both style and substance and the crowd reflects this. Blue Dog attracts a pleasant mixture of people of all ages; some glammed up and revelling in the venue’s jazzy atmosphere, others more casually attired, here for the music. The cocktails are well worth investigating too, well-executed and original. Try a smooth honey and watermelon martini, in keeping with the atmosphere, or a White-Out Frappe with Grand Marnier and espresso for a bit of a kick. Should you fancy the bar’s signature drink, the eponymous Blue Dog is Wybrowa Apple Vodka, Gabriel Boudier Curacoa Blue Liqueur, passion fruit and a mix of citrus. (We have to admit, personally we’d indulge our inner geek with a gin-based Sapphire and Steel). For the more adventurous there’s a menu called ‘Suck it and See’, which features such creations as Cherry and Chocolate Caipirinha, and Rhubarb and Custard – we’re not sure we’d be person enough to try a drink that mixes bourbon, Advocaat Liqueur, with rhubarb liqueur, lemon juice and fresh egg white, but maybe you’re braver than we are. The fun doesn’t stop till the early hours, so grab a drink, listen to some great music, and enjoy one of the best nights out Glasgow has to offer.

From Keekers Travels

After a hard day of shopping and walking in Glasgow and the fact that it was a bank holiday weekend allowed us to have a little bit of a Sunday session.

Blue Dog is sadly located right next to the cavernous Lloyds bar, i say sadly as Lloyds is a dive and frequented usually by thugs and idiots. Blue Dog however is much smaller and has a nice seating area out which was packed when we stopped in. Inside is a much darker affair with long bar dominating proceeding much as it appears to be the only source of light. This serves to show off the extensive collection of spirits that Blue Dog carries.

Inside was very quiet as everyone was outside trying to enjoy the surprisingly nice weather so we settled at a large table right across from the bar and started to have a look at the very large cocktail menu. Its so large there should be something for everyone here ranging from crazy scientific mixes to all the classics. I made the short trip to the bar and was greeted by two very pleasant and polite members of staff and ordered a French Martini and a signature Blue Dog cocktail and the staff said they would bring them over and start a tab for me.

Both were well mixed and tasty. I had the Blue Dog and it was very nice with fresh fruit juices just covering the alcohol hidden inside. We polished these off then ordered a “Crimes of Passion” and a “Raspberry Beret”. Again both freshly made with real fruit juices and with lethal amounts of booze subtly contained within.

We noticed a number of people coming in using a deal which was for a cheese board and two cocktails for £10. Given most cocktails start at £6.95 the deal was pretty good and the cheese board looked well made up as well.

Blue Dog isnt cheap as my £28 bill for four drinks proved. Though i would rather spend the little extra here to have the nice staff and well made drinks compared to the dross that some places offer as cocktails.

From Design My Night

A smooth, stylish cocktail and piano bar, Blue Dog in Glasgow’s City Centre is one classy joint. A baby grand in the corner is for more than just decoration, setting the tone for a sophisticated, but chilled out venue. Guest singers and pianists play most evenings with a mix of blues and jazz standards as well as piano classics. While the interior is a little plain, leather bar stools, deep, comfy booths, exposed brick walls, it comes into its own once the ivories begin to tinkle and the cocktails begin to flow.

With perhaps one of the most extensive and ambitious cocktail menus in town, Blue Dog attracts a discerning drinker, with concoctions like Hammer & Pickle, Thyme After Thyme, and Rhubarb and Apple Molasses. The crowd here are a mix of couples, after work drinkers and young professionals, looking for a little laid back refinement. With late night opening seven days a week, Blue Dog is one of the more exclusive venues in Glasgow to stumble out of at 3am on a Tuesday.